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Our Brands

Through our brand, we offer our clients many services. These services include websites, e-commerce stores, apps, and more. We have been servicing clients for more than twenty years. White Wolf Technology has our clients’ success in mind when developing products for them. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure we meet and exceed their needs. Our team of professionals works with our clients through every stage of development. Many of our clients become long-term partners keeping their technology dynamic and perpetually meeting the needs of their customers. 

Our Portfolio

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Patent Issued Technology with News Understanding Sentiment Analysis (Positive || Negative) , with Robotic News Analysis, Voice Interface, Business Intelligence (BI) High Frequency Trading 


Patented Issued Trading Technology, this software uses precision math at scale to calculate the best trading positions for you. This is a High Frequency Trading Robot with Automated Millisecond Trading.



Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach, our customers have managed to get the results they sought after from our consulting services.

We design resumes with a personal touch! Your professional appearance matters to us and we customize your resume and tailor it to you.


Consult about starting your next software project with us! We offer services for many different software projects. We build websites, apps, and are proficient in cloud development. You can count on us to provide affective solutions for your company.



We build and configure websites in drupal. Our professionals are ready and eager to consult with you about your next drupal project. Our developers have years of experience using drupal development tools.



In many cases, your online reputation is built over time and without your complete control. Your online reputation matters to us and we would like to protect your name.


Food social media, Share your posts about foods and recipes!

Traveltron is your virtual travel assistant, this technology uses AI to recommend travel experiences because we firmly believe that an educated traveler is a happy traveler. 



Schedule a consultation with an Expert Cloud Architect, proficient in cloud computing services and there to tend your project needs.

Patent Issued


Featured Product

This is a High Frequency Crypto Trading Robot! We are so proud of this product. It is an AI programmed with precision math (to infinity and beyond), able to move millions and billions simultaneously. This robot trades within milliseconds with precision calculations! A system of providing news analysis. The technology includes a computing system, including a processor, a memory, a user interface, a communications interface, and word data stored on the memory. The word data includes a plurality of words each linked with a sentiment score. A software program causes the processor to retrieve news data from a plurality of information sources. It tallys the amount of times that each of the plurality words are referenced within the news data. It also calculates a live sentiment score of each of the words by averaging the sentiment score of a respective word with the sentiment scores of other of the plurality of words within a same sentence; and presents at least one of the words having a highest number of the amount of times referenced. The chosen word is presented with a respective live sentiment score.

Our Clients

We have worked with many different companies leading them to success, by doing so we have diversified our portfolio.

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At White Wolf we are leading the fore-front of the technological business standard, our tech savvy professionals are ready and eager to consult and support you through every stage of your software development project.

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